Sunday, March 25, 2012

Time & tide

It will be three weeks on Tuesday, the day that he will be laid to rest. Three weeks since he ran out of options, gas, and airspeed. And altitude. Three weeks since a witty, brilliant man passed from us in an accident that was as avoidable as his being able to willingly stop breathing. Three weeks since three children who are just on their way onto the path lost the guy that they will want to call on through the many years ahead when they have a question. Do I need to lime my yard in the fall? How do I get rid of fire ants in my yard? How much better gas mileage will I get if I change the air pressure in my tires, Dad? I am older than Lex and I still called my Dad to ask him questions that I still didn't have the answers to, until his death last year.

In those three weeks, a young man with several tours under his belt already sneaked out into a nearby village and killed seventeen people, many children. His brothers in arms were surprised, all of us were, this is not who we are in war. Back home another young man shot an even younger man under circumstances that are becoming less clear now that the perpetually aggrieved are on the scene to demand justice as they practice it. Which "they" and whose "justice" are as yet to be determined. I'm hoping we won't create another Richard Jewell in the process now that the MSM are on the scene. The President has officially weighed in, which is not a good sign for justice, but likely means that "fairness" will prevail.Given his record, I hope that I never do anything that has the President chiming in on my side.

During this same time frame we saw improvements in aviation technology. New materials, new techniques, and low emission flight. As with most new technologies, this one may or may not pan out. There seem to be some handling issues despite the unique materials used in the construction. After the initial competition the final design was selected. While there were some issues with scaling from the initial flying prototype to the final result, they seem to have done a good job of implementing the technology and remaining true to the designers vision. Obligatory aviation pr0n here.

Possibly NSFW, or not. ymmv

There is a story about an English King, Cnut (or Canute if you wish) that was constantly being flattered by his courtiers and generals. To hear it from them (incessantly, apparently) there was naught that he could accomplish but by royal command make it so. So, he set his throne on the edge of the beach and commanded the sea to cease advancing. It did of course continue its inexorable advance requiring the deployment of a platoon of the Royal Toweliers to attend to the damage to his majesty's state of dryness. His point to his court being that even a sovereign has limits to his powers. Subsequent sovereigns to this very day in sore need of this education. Pick one. Any one.

This incident predates Chaucer whose statement, 'For though we sleep or wake, roam or ride, Time flies, and for no man will it abide.' from his Clerk's Tale of 1390, has been quoted in various forms ever since. It may well be that Chaucer was well aware of Cnut's incident and had it in mind when he penned his subsequently quoth phrase. Or not. More to the point is the phrase that "time and tide wait for no man". The phrase predates modern English for good reason, it's ancient observation is as relevant today as it was so long ago.

Unfortunately, that means Lex. To be true to him we must move on, continue our lives without him, though the better for the knowing of him. Most of us have started posting again. I've got some of them on the right side here with more to follow as I find them. Newly formed is our collaborative effort The Lexicans with the hope that all of us pulling together can achieve at least a pale shadow of that which he did solo. And give us a different forum to discuss him and reminisce of him.

Me, I'm finishing my Master's. I'm working my way through 'Digital Evidence and Computer Crime', writing papers, doing labs, and trying to honor this place with some content. And working.

And sometimes stopping to look up at the clouds, enjoy the birds chirping, and love the simple act of being. Lex might be gone, but not forgotten.

 So, flee tyme! Begone merciless tydes! For while you abide not for us, he abides forever in our hearts.

marcus erroneous

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