Friday, March 09, 2007

The passing of another friend

4 February 2006, about noon, Miko passed away. She had developed numerous tumors, aggressive bone cancer in one of her rear feet, Cushings disease as well as other medical problems. Ryan flew in on Friday to spend some time with her before hand. After 2 weeks of intensive pampering and almost 11 years of love and companionship, Miko made her last veterinary appointment.

She spent almost 11 years with us and lived with us in Colorado, Texas and finally Florida. Her health took a sudden turn for the worse with the discovery of an aggressive tumor on her rear, left paw which manifested itself in less than two weeks. She was on two pain medications to help her during her last weeks and finally stopped even chasing her ball. She was visited by the various neighborhood children who said goodbye to her and played with her one last time. She will leave a large hole in our lives, the neighbors and her friends in the neighborhood. The pain of her passing is offset by the years we spent together. I would not trade the opportunity of having known her for anything.

Miko Gem of the Rockies

June 1995 - February 2006

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  1. Marcus - I am so sorry to read of the loss of Miko. As we have talked about over Lex's Gus, the furry members of our family deserve our love and respect, sometimes even more than the human members.