Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So, what are you doing about it?

Here in Florida, it's that time again. Time to vote in a national election. Early voting has commenced and for 12 days, we have the opportunity to vote in the Presidential Primary election. I have no doubt that once again, the media will descend upon Florida for the results. To be contested yet again, I'm sure. Assuming that the Dems don't sweep the elections, we should be treated to yet another round of how voters are being disenfranchised. It's been 7 years now and it's still being allowed? The Democrats, after 7 years and going into our second Presidential Election since the "Big One" and their only tactic is to sue, ex post facto?

One of my coworkers, after the election in 2001 decided to get involved. He was concerned and convinced that there had been election irregularities. After all the dust had settled, and having given it thought, he signed up to work the elections. He attended the training, took the time off from work and manned the election stations.

What's the best way to insure that the election is clean if not to get involved?

No, you can't man all the stations your self, that's why each person needs to do their part. Low voter turn out? Get involved. You only have to convince one other person. It's that simple. Why go viral over a silly video when you can go viral over voting. If video is your medium, do it! Make the killer, YouTube video that goes viral and turns out the towns and cities of America to vote. When enough people go out and get involved, the people take back the vote. You man your polling station, I'll man mine.

Democrat or Republican, do something!


Man a polling station.

Blog it! Take your perspective, your camera, your notepad or PDA and go get the story. What? The cops were closing off streets or turning people back? Who's pointing a webcam out a window to catch it? Who's using their camera phone for some grainy, "Man from the street" footage?

There are 11 days of early voting and yet people are not able to vote? You mean, you can't try to vote on the first night and identify disenfranchisement issues? Plan to try again the next night, only with a reporter in the car. Or a video cam. Or an ACLU lawyer in the vehicle when they can really make a difference and nip it in the bud as it happens.

Yes, it's not that simple. It never is. And yet, you're either part of the problem or part of the solution. I just find it hard to believe that the only way to rectify it is to bring in the lawyers after the fact rather than planning and overcoming the obstacles, shining the light on the abuses and exposing them.

So, what are you doing about it? Waiting until afterwards to wring your hands on TV?

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